Deputies expedite processing of agreement with the EU

The deputies speeding to realize a rapid procedure of the Association Agreement between Central America and the European Union (EU) and will soon enter into force for Costa Rica.

This was said by the members of some fractions, after Parliament ratified it, for the business side.

The first action must be given in the Committee on International Relations and Foreign Trade, where deputies Jeannette Ruiz, the Citizen Action Party (PAC), and Marielos Alfaro, of the Libertarian Movement, believe possible before the legislative recess dictaminarlo December 20 .

Even Alfaro said that could decide to vote in committee on Tuesday, December 18, to send it to the plenary on Wednesday and try to give first debate on Thursday December 20.

“The ideal scenario is very complicated,” said Alfaro.

If unspecified Agreement would in plenary from January 17, the return of the deputies after the break. The plan must go to the Sala IV consultation, which has a month to respond, which would delay a bit its enactment.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade (Comex) had the goal of the plan out of Committee in November, for inclusion in the special session and passed the first debate in December.

The deal includes chapters on cooperation and political dialogue, but these two must be approved by the parliaments of each of the 27 EU members.

The business side is ready for its validity, but requires ratification by two Central American countries, this step was accomplished by Nicaragua. The Comex claims that Costa Rica is the second, the minister said the industry, Anabel González.

Fabio Molina, head of the National Liberation Party fraction (PLN), recalled that a verbal commitment of heads (or deputy) to give fraction expedited process to plan in plenary.

Deputy Alfaro acknowledged that this commitment came during a lunch with European parliamentarians in late October.

The Agreement was also convened by the Executive in the current extraordinary session, which ends on April 30.

Chambers of Exporters of Costa Rica (Cadexco) and Industries of Costa Rica (ICRC) called on Members to approve as soon as possible the treaty.

Monica Segnini Cadexco president, asked lawmakers not to use this topic to stage political or ideological debates.

Deputy Ruiz explained that the Commission has met twice a week to alleviate the process. The commission expects to receive this Thursday at the Chambers of Commerce of Costa Rica and the Costa Rican Food Industry.

The minister recalled that the Agreement Gonzalez confirms and validates the existing legal benefits of duty-free entry for products included in the General System of Preferences (GSP).

Also opened export quotas for beef, rice, sugar, ethanol, apart from other products not covered by the GSP.