Couple Murdered Their Baby By Starvation

A prosecutor requested a strong prison sentence against a couple accused of murdering their baby by starvation.

“Her death was inhumane and ruthless.” said the prosecutor, Morera Edith Rodriguez. She pleaded to the court for a 35-year prison sentence against a woman named Cisneros and her spouse, with the surname Ugalde.

The district attorney also accused a social worker at the National Foundation for Children (PANI), surnamed Navarro, for dereliction of duty.

The prosecutor requested a four-year ban yesterday against the social worker and forcefully lambasted the social worker, reminding her that it was his duty to ensure the integrity of the girl, who died of malnutrition on February 2, 2010.

Cisneros had Ugalde temporarily care for the baby with the support of PANI, because her mother was imprisoned and suffered problems of drug addiction.

According to the forensic examination, the baby had severe malnutrition and fractures in the seventh rib, arm and skull.

Morera called the mother as “manipulative” because, she said, “During the whole process she has been dedicated to putting things at her convenience.”

“Even has shown signs of repentance”

The couple also is charged with the manslaughter of another child of 3 years (daughter of the woman) who drowned after falling into a washing machine in the middle of 2008. For this case, the district attorney asked the court to impose 8 years against Morera.

She also requested six months’ imprisonment against the women for the crime of fraud against the Social Security Fund (CCSS), as claimed disabilities in 2010 to ¢ 380 000.

The court was set to hand down a sentence this afternoon.

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