Country On Alert Over Nicaragua Canal Between Pacific And Caribbean

Careful monitoring by the Government of Costa Rica over the Nicaragua plan to build an interoceanic canal, as approved yesterday the United States Congress in a law considered “historic.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Roverssi, said yesterday from Vietnam, which is closely monitored for several weeks when the news came out sunlight, which the government of Daniel Ortega introduced the bill to his members.

Costa Rican authorities are concerned that the channel between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean is intended to build on the basis of the San Juan River as the southern margin is in Costa Rican territory.

This is one of the law passed yesterday in times of bilateral tension since Costa Rica rejected a recent decision of the Central American Court (which does not belong to the country) who blames the country of environmental damage by the construction of the trail near the border with Nicaragua.

Costa Rican Foreign Ministry said Monday that, in response, decided not to participate in meetings of the Central American Integration System (SICA) in this semester when Nicaragua chairs the block.

In addition, the Foreign Ministry called for consultation to all Central American ambassadors and is preparing to send to Nicaragua the new envoy, Javier Sancho. This was announced yesterday by Minister of Communication, Francisco Chacon, while in Managua 86 of the 88 deputies present gave the “yes” to the draft Ortega.

The law creates an entity to seek foreign shareholders to realize a dream floating in Nicaragua since the nineteenth century, and could now have a meaning “geopolitical,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Roverssi.

The work would cost about $ 30,000 million and aims to provide service within 10 years to ships, which do not fit in the Panama Canal.

The project provides 51% of the work in the hands of the Nicaraguan state and 49% for foreign capital, state or private. Roverssi even said to have information about the interests of gas producers and oil.

Nunez said that this project is not approved in the heat of diplomatic conflict with Costa Rica, nearly two years ago triggered a military invasion techniques in Calero Island.

“It’s kind of promised land created by Ortega to prepare for a crisis in prices of exported Nicaragua. For this situation and the possible fall of Hugo Chavez (ally and financier of the Ortega government), remove the project and puts it on the table, “he said by telephone.

The adviser for environmental affairs of the Nicaraguan Government, Jaime Incer said that Costa Rica has no binding opinion on the possible construction of the canal, as ACAN-EFE.

The works of Costa Rica and Nicaragua border near the conflict are part diplomatic went so far as to motivate demand before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Netherlands. The forum issued in 2011 precautionary measures have also been a factor of confrontation.

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