Costa Rica’s Heart, The CCSS Is In Dire Need


The Social Security Fund is without doubt the most important institution in our country. However, the Fund is dying by the political handling by which it has suffered for decades.

The great truths of the loan from Finland show, the big questions of the Spanish loan are but two to cite as good examples of misappropriation.

All politicians have lied shamelessly in their promises to strengthen the Fund, or have been unable to fulfill their campaign promises. The Fund is in danger, almost in a coma, and that can be a death blow to our democracy.

A week ago we mentioned that due to the lack of planning 200.000 pap-smears are overdue. How many women have died for this inexplicable situation? How many are in danger of dying from this deadly inefficiency?

Now we learn that the Fund spent ¢ 18 million for a private company that will select its new managers. No one knows the managers who can occupy strategic positions in the institution? Furthermore, it appears that a company paid ¢18 million to select the best candidates and one of the main listed as delinquent of the institution. What criteria did the recommendation candidates have to meet? Do the Board of Directors of the Fund not have the capacity to open a bidding for the positions and they themselves choose the best candidates? Is it too much work for them? Are they not even capable of that?

CCSS has the money to pay ¢18 million to an institution that excessively and irresponsible spent in recent years that is on the brink of financial disaster with an estimated deficit for 2015 of over ¢300 billion?

Are they going to save the institution?

In recent decades, corrupt politicians and businessmen have thumbed the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), the Institute of Agrarian Development (IDA), the Murcian Institute for Social Action (IMAS), National Institute of Housing and Urbanism (INVU), the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), almost all state institutions, and unfortunately the Social Security Fund has remained sidelined.

But the Fund is largely the basis of our political and social system, it depends on the health of Costa Ricans, pensions and social peace in the country.

Most employees are exemplary and committed people, employees and citizens and who are strong enough to see this through but we can only hope the fund will survive the evident coming storm.

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