Costa Ricans React Against Central American Court Decision

The answer the Costa Ricans over the conviction of the Central American Court of Justice is exaggerated and contradictory. Over months, the Foreign Ministry said, rightly, an attitude of indifference towards the proceedings against our country in the Court of Managua. Never accept its jurisdiction. Consequently, their judgments are irrelevant.

Costa Rica received the expected sentence for environmental damage caused during construction of the trail parallel to the river San Juan. The work is justified cause controversy in our country where the rule of law requires the establishment of responsibilities.

It is important not to confuse us. The questions around the trail are clear, from corruption to structural weaknesses, but the reasons for opening the road remain.

The track released to Costa Rica from Nicaragua arbitration, when monitoring the border, transport police, and provide checkpoints. It makes us less dependent on the river and the wishes of the Sandinista government of Daniel Ortega.

Ortega’s government raised protests since the announcement of the project, but not for fear of environmental damage. On Tuesday, Congress, dominated by the Sandinistas, passed a bill to build an interoceanic canal can allow passage of large ships, especially those transporting fuel. The basis of the work is the San Juan River and the ecological impact, inevitable. The Costa Rican bank would irremediably suffer.

Who inspires such a project as “the promised land,” to use the words of a Nicaraguan opposition deputy can not be sincere when he claims the environmental impact of a trail, even road. Neither Ortega concern corruption, here or in his country where the reaction is much less severe repression, to put it in extreme moderation.

The Sandinista reaction to the trail is strictly political and ecology, an excuse. The same can be said of the decision of the Central American Court of Justice, chaired by a magistrate Nicaraguan and Honduran Francisco Lobo.

For these reasons, we celebrate when the Foreign Ministry announced the firm intention of ignoring the procedures and failure. Refused also to give permission for the inspection of the area by Central American the magistrates, who had to settle for a tour boat, sailing the waters under the sovereignty of Nicaragua with Army escort there.

It is a protest of questionable effectiveness against a decision where the implications are reduced Nicaragua’s intended use in the International Court of Justice. The use of the Central American Court in The Hague as an argument depends on the willingness Nicaraguan, not our participation in the SICA, where members will eventually vote on action against Costa Rica for its justified decision not to accept the verdict.