Costa Ricans Fear New Fiscal Plan

A survey by Telenoticias shows pessimism and fear of citizens before the cost of living increase with the arrival of Solidarity Tax Project.

Appliances, clothing, banking, education and private healthcare will be more expensive with the new fiscal plan.

The population feels that with the arrival of these new taxes do not meet the financial resources to get a better quality of life.

Value Added Tax (VAT) – 14%

One of the biggest fears is the Value Added Tax (VAT), which will increase from 13% to 14%. So the products and services consumed by the middle class, such as shoes, clothing and appliances will have to pay 14% more.

Private education and health – 2%

It adds the tax from 2% to education and private health, which for many is the effective alternative to a health or breaks against the inability of the Social Security Fund (CCSS) to advance medical examinations of life or death, as the case of 200 000 smears arrears.

In the case of education, enrollment in schools, colleges, universities and institutes will be more expensive.

Banking – 14%

In the case of banking transactions will be charged 14% VAT on fees charged by these entities for a service.

Income tax

With regard to the income tax, establishing a 15% rate on income securities. And people who get more than 4 million colones will pay 20% tax.

Free zones – 15%

In the case of free zones, has generated instability, with the announcement of the collection of tax 15% from 2015

The government does exempt 270 products of the Basic Food Basket, also agreed to a phased payment of VAT to engineering, architectural, surveying and civil engineering construction.

Also rose from 14% to 2% tax on raw materials in the food industry.

Citizen Action Party (PAC) and National Liberation (PLN) ensure that the project will not be as harmful and that people are misinformed.

This afternoon, the deputies would do away with the “breaststroke” prosecutor.

PLN expects approval, taking its 24 members, six of the PAC, and the two deputies Social Christians, ie 32 votes.

The minimum number of votes required is 29.

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