Costa Rican Win Gold in Istanbul


After flying around the indoor track in Istanbul, breaking his personal record in the 400 meter race and become the first Costa Rican world champion in athletics, Nery Brenes screamed his lungs out the national anthem of our country.

Amid the winners of the silver and bronze the new champion bowed his head to gold bathing in the few minutes after stopping the clock at 45.11 seconds and making just over 4 million Costa Ricans very proud to be “Tico”.

At his side were Demetrius Pinder and Chris Brown, who even though they tried, never managed to reach Nery.

Then with the gold medal at his chest, Nery turns to his right where between two flags of Bahamas,the national flag of Costa Rica began to rise toward the top of the stadium.

The new champion put his hand on his chest and listened to the notes of our anthem that was sung at full volume. He said, “I shouted to them in Limon.”, where he started running at Thomas Guard school as a child.

Nery screamed as he crossed the line, the entire country accompanied him. They also shouted the national anthem with the same force with which he ran. Costa Rica today celebrates the new champion created in Istanbul.

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