Costa Rican Scientist Wins Prestigious Award In USA

A Costa Rican ciste technologist who works at the Hospital San Juan de Dios was recognized worldwide for his work excellence, regardless of limited resources. Costa Rica won against the important laboratories in countries like Japan and the Netherlands.

The role of the laboratory is essential to move from first diagnosis of a tumor or cancer surgery or treatment to improve the quality of life of each patient.

According Adonai Jaén, ciste technologist, the work of this laboratory is to manipulate the tissues that come to the department of pathology and laboratory procedures make this so that the pathologist is expressing what I evaluated the biopsy or tissue studied.

Thanks to this study molecular tissue the pathologist can make an accurate diagnosis, classification, and decide the best treatment for each case. Adonai Jaén leads the laboratory of the Hospital San Juan de Dios, and is in constant communication with the University of Colorado at Denver, USA.

According to Adonai, he is at the center where inquiries are made, as is the reference laboratory, and results are sent from Costa Rica, so there they evaluate using the more sophisticated equipment.

This relationship helped ​​Adonai get nominated for the Award of Immune Ciste Chemistry Technology National Society of the United States. Racing against real giants, like the University of Tokyo, Amsterdam, and two other major U.S. laboratories.

A laboratory of this kind is very expensive, since we were talking about first-world medicine is not designed for poor countries.

Against their own forecasts, Adonai won just work with excellence and very few resources.

But this his to technologist to spare the most important resource, the passion for what he does, that energy has made him look always updated in his field and give the best.

This recognition not only gets very high the name of Costa Rica, also sets an example for other developing countries to implement this method and improve the lives of millions of patients.

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