Costa Rican Rivers Highly Polluted

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Forgetfulness, irresponsibility and bad education converted many of our rivers in to garbage dumps, or worse, large open sewers.

Costa Rica is sold to the world as an environmental paradise, but are we really?

The minister of Environment René Castro acknowledges that the contamination of many of our rivers is a shame and the blame is shared.

Today many rivers suffer from years of neglect, many words and little action.

The crocodiles, the kings of Tárcoles, are just one of many species that have had to learn to survive in a polluted river.

But many are convinced that there is still hope for the Tárcoles.

Hundreds of volunteers have joined forces to clean up the basin and the beaches where the river deposited tons of debris.

However, although cleanups are an important contribution, it’s not the solution to the problem.

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