Costa Rican Police Officer In Deep Water Over Nazi Photos


Photographs published on the Facebook profile of Murdock Ronald Herrera, an official of the security forces(police), are causing a stir. Murdoc appears in uniform, conjuring gestures and emblems of the Nazi ideology. These photographs were reported to the institution and as a result, an investigation has begun.

This was confirmed by the Deputy Minister Celso Security Gamboa, who explained that the images of the young officer do not represent the ideology and values ​​of the security forces.

The young man is 26 years old, joined the institution in 2009 and an administrative investigation will initiate and provide the results of such in due time.

“The pictures are posted in the officers personal account, so it does not represent the thinking of the security forces” concluded Gamboa.

Murdock Ronald Herrera, appears in several photos of police uniform, carrying neo-Nazi movements, including some images displaying the flag of Costa Rica.

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