Costa Rican Nears Summit of Everest


The team of climbers from Jagged Global, where also is the Costa Rican climber, Warner – were almost 8600 meters above sea level, at 2:30 pm Costa Rica time. This information was obtained according to a satellite localizer which has been placed on some of the members of the group.

The spot of Ian Ridley indicated that they were at about 8,500 feet on the way to the top of Mount Everest, which is 8,848 meters. However, we have no information if all team members are in that group of climbers led by Englishman David Hamilton.

The company Jagged Globe, which is dedicated to bringing climbers to the highest mountains in the world, reported on its website ( at 8 p. m. of Nepal (8:45 am from Costa Rica) the group of climbers started the final ascent to the highest peak on Earth.

“The team leader, David Hamilton, phoned to say they were leaving the camp 4 at 8 pm local time (8:45 am from Costa Rica),” the bulletin said. Hamilton is an expert who has reached five times the summit of Everest.

Rojas tries to become the first Costa Rican to reach the highest point of the planet, 8,848 meters above the level, and one of the first American. This will be the last chance that Rojas will achieve his goal, since the weather has prevented other attempts made by the group.

This season has been very dangerous for those trying to reach the summit of Everest climbers due to of crowding, which has killed at least six people since the weekend.

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