Costa Rican Doctors Open Private Cancer Clinic

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National and international patients with their own resources or international health insurance, seek treatment for cancer. Now there is a Costa Rican Institute of Oncology, the country’s first clinic specializing in care of malignant tumors.

“We went into the market wisely – first we worked for two years in a smaller place and we provided only chemotherapy. At that time we found that the volume of patients allowed us to grow.” said Guillermo Rodriguez, president of the Board.

Rodriguez was interested in cancer shortly before the Constitutional Court curbed clinical trials due to the absence of a law in February 2009.

This project aims to be bigger, therefore, the founder of the Costa Rican Institute of Clinical Research joined with other doctors to open the oncology clinic.

Located in La Uruca, the Institute offers outpatient tests such as mammograms, chemotherapy and outpatient surgery.

Rodriguez said they invested $ 10 million purchase of equipment and medical supplies, building refurbishment and installation of an operating room.

He said that they offered inpatient and radiotherapy for three years.

For this stage, the center established partnerships with the Metropolitan Hospital, Laboratories Paez, Medical Imaging Group and Leisa.

On health care covered by state insurance – Rodriguez denied business with Social Security Fund (CCSS).

“We are counting on domestic private sector patients, and in a third stage with patients from other Central American countries.” said the doctor and businessman.

In its first three months of operation, the new institute has treated 700 patients, mostly with breast cancer.

In fact, the leading cause of cancer mortality among Costa Rican women are malignant tumors in their breasts.

“Cancer is increasing. It requires timely care, multidisciplinary and advanced treatments, “said Joao Baptista, medical director of the institute.

In this regard, the World Health Organization estimates that cancer patients will of, 12.7 million in 2008 to 21.4 million in 2030.

Baptista also explained that specialists receive from other schools, public and private, every Wednesday, to discuss difficult patient cases of attention, and giving the opinion of his team.

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