Costa Rican Climber Warner Rojas Conquers Mount Everest


The Costa Rican climber Warner Rojas managed to “conquer” the top of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest (8,848 meters).

Rojas and his team completed the task that began on April 7 (day they arrived to base camp located at 5,384 meters) around 6:50 pm Costa Rica time.

In order to get to the base camp they walked a total of 11 days and after the acclimatization process which means that the body gets used to the altitude, they had to have a good diet and only short walks – with this, Rojas and his team set out to climb to the camp 1 (located at 6157 meters).

However, they arrived there on April 20, surpassing ice cracks up to 100 square meters accompanied by a temperature of around -10 degrees. In total, the rise took about 5 hours.

Four days later the two were received with similar conditions at Camp 1 but subsequently this would threaten the continuity of the expedition. Guides and Sherpas on the situation in which they were, had to decide to continue or not – to be able to climb and reach the Camp 3 by May 7.

Camp 3 represented a new record for Warner because it is situated to 7470 meters high, and the maximum altitude which he had reached before was 6962 (Mount Aconcagua).

Rojas told the media that what he missed most was his family and gallo pinto, but nothing would stop him seeking to achieve his dream.

Between the need to return to base camp and return on several occasions to various key points, the Sherpa of the issuance of Warner Rojas suffered a serious accident. Warner received a blow when a block of ice that broke off. It had to be evacuated by helicopter to Kathmandu.

In addition to this, the Nepali authorities confirmed on 22 May, four climbers died as they descended, the German Eberhard Schaaf, 61 years of age, Sriya Nepali Shah (33 years), Korean Song wond-din (44 years) and Chinese Premier Wen has Ryi (55 years).

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