Costa Rican Climber Sees Everest Up Close And Personal


Warner Rojas shared his adventure on the way to Mount Everest Camp 1 today with Telenoticias. They were able to contact him by phone so’s he could pass the experience on to his fellow countrymen.

The challenge began early on Wednesday. They got up at 1:00 am, had breakfast and an hour later began the ascent.

He says that, luckily it was not cold, it was 10 degrees below zero which is considerably warmer than the past 20 days.

On the way he had to go through difficult trials. First go down stairs, simple and other doubles. Huge blocks of ice that seemed not to be attached to anything.

They had to go through a journey in which they run the risk of avalanches. To reach the 6000 meters, the point where there were cracks in the giant mountain.

After five hours they covered the area from 1 to 6157 meters. Rojas is described the experience as particularly impressive because it was the first time he saw Everest this close.

In the morning he left the field 1 and returned to base camp. Warner ensures he feels great, but missing a lot of his country and his family.

Next week he will climb again to camp 1 and then to 2.

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