Costa Rican Becomes a Hero at the Boston Marathon Attack

costa rican hero

A Costa Rican identified as Carlos Arredondo, is being called a hero by the international press, minutes after the explosions from the Boston Marathon he was one of firsts to help in the rescue of injured victims.

According to the newspaper “The Guardian” Arredondo is 52 years old and is an immigrant from Costa Rica. You can see him in many of the pictures where the injured ones are being transported. He’s distinguished easily because of his long hair and a cowboy hat.

The newspaper informed that the Costa Rican used his own clothes and towels to control the hemorrhages from the injured victims.

Luis Carlos de los Ángeles Arredondo Piedra lives in Boston and is known for being one of the improvised bull fighters in Zapote, Costa Rica.

“In one image, Arredondo can be seen apparently trying to cover the wound of the severed leg from a man who is being taken on a wheel chair. Another image shows him taking quite a blood bath”, published The Guardian.

The newspaper The Independent said that Arredondo is “a hero that offers hope in America”.

It also added that the Costa Rican had been on the news on 2004 when he found out about the death of his son in Irak, he tried to suicide by locking himself in a van which he had set on fire.

“The Costa Rican immigrant survived and became an activist of peace and was at the marathon supporting a group of runners that had dedicated the race to the fallen soldiers”, told The Independent.

Arredondo told a news reporter: “My instinct was to run through the flags, start to pick up persons and take them to the emergency room”.

The news not only was known in The United States. In the United Kingdom, BBC describes the Costa Rican as an activist for the peace.

“Between the victims there was a young person that looks like he was saved by an activist for the peace from Costa Rica called Carlos Arredondo”, describes the newspaper.

“The victim looks like he had lost both legs but had his life saved by the application of a tourniquet by Arredondo”, Said BBC.