Costa Rica Volcanoes Attract Attention

costa rica volcanoes

As Arenal is purportedly in her “resting period” another of the Costa Rica volcanoes comes alive.

Turrialba is located in the province of Cartago in the Central Valley. The volcano has not been active since 1856 however these days, it’s being closely watched.

Standing at 3 329 meters high this magnificent volcano has only shown smoky activity since it’s last major eruption however underneath Turrialba, there is a magma body that gets cold gradually and from this body, the heat and volcano gas is expired. In fact this is how she received her name from the Spanish when they arrived.

When the Spanish saw the smoke coming out of her, pouring all over the highest summit, they decided to call it “Torre Alba” (Dawn tower or white tower).

Over the past few days, the world has begun to pay close attention to this sleeping beauty.

Reports are showing over 100 microquakes a day and a steady plume of white smoke is emerging from this normally dormant, Costa Rica volcano.

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