Costa Rica Tourism Numbers Fudged?

Costa Rica tourism

A group of tourism businesses agglutinated in the Association for the Protection of Tourism (Protur) announcement on Thursday morning that they will raise a civil suit against the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) for alleged misrepresentation in the disclosure of the figures for entry of tourists into the country.

The entity, defended and emphasized that the numbers are not “invented”. On the contrary, are genuine and confronted with the Department of Immigration and Foreign at different points of entry to Costa Rica.

While the ICT says that 2.2 million tourists visited the country last year, Protur claims that are between 1.3 million and 1.4 million.

The difference, the organization insists it is for the entry of immigrants residing in the country, or transporters entering and leaving constantly and are counted as tourists. The ICT ensures that only 2.2 million are people who identified themselves as tourists.

Boris Marcheghiani, Protur president reiterates that the agency “does not tell the truth” and for that motive, will present next week a civil suit for damages for $ 80 million.

He argued that the claim is made because tourism businesses made their investment in new tourism infrastructure from figures revealed by the ICT, but reiterates that in practice “there is not that visitation and entrepreneurs are in trouble.” “There is a manipulation of information” by the ICT, said the businessman.

Hermes Navarro, head of ICT Tourism Management, regretted the actions being conducted Protur, but said that, every entrepreneur has to make its business plan, not the institution.

“(The lawsuit) does not worry us because we are sure of the figures and we are official and substantiated. It’s sad that we spend time and money fought in the courts, instead of sitting to generate new projects and give a destination this money to further promotion and incoming tourists, “said Navarro.

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