Costa Rica Tightens Up On Shark Finning

shark attack guanacaste

The government of Costa Rica signed today at the National Park Manuel Antonio an executive decree that, among other things, prohibits the import and export of shark fins.

Although officially the country already had declared against finning, currently, many companies were gaps in the current legislation that would allow the marketing of this part of the animal.

Involves cutting the fin of sharks and discarding the body at sea, where the animal dies in agony.

To regulate this practice in Costa Rica and was prohibited shark fin discharge ports. However, it was not importing these fins from Nicaragua.

Environment Minister René Castro said that because of this, some companies were using imports as a way to enter the country shark fins and subsequently export them to other countries from here.

In the signing of decree involving the president of the Republic, Laura Chinchilla, René Castro Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Gloria Abraham.

As a special guest assisted the billionaire and owner of Virgin Group, Richard Branson.

“Today is a historic and very important day. One and a half million sharks are killed each week by flapping worldwide. It’s great that Costa Rica do this, “said Branson.

Along with former President Jose Maria Figueres, a few weeks ago, Branson sent a letter to President Chinchilla requesting the prohibition of the import of shark fins.