Costa Rica Stands 4TH On Competitiveness Scale By Aden Business School

Costa Rica is one of the most competitive countries in Latin America as reflected in the latest competitiveness ranking by Aden Business School.

For the month of April, our country is ranked number four, up a position over the same period last year, when it ranked fifth.

According to the study, the most competitive nations are Chile, Panama and Mexico. However, experts look favorably on the results of Costa Rica.

To make the ranking, calculates an index of competitiveness in each country and then compared. This index takes into account aspects such as coverage of basic needs, institutional, infrastructure, macroeconomic stability, health and education

Other factors are also contemplated are the expectations of the population, access to technology and labor markets.

Despite the good result, there are some indicators that follow the note down to our country.

The Competitiveness Institute Aden takes measurements every 6 months in 18 countries in Latin America.

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