Costa Rica Real Estate Market Shines as Third Best in the World


Just today, International Living ran a piece whereas they took what is believed to be the Top 27 hottest real estate markets in the world based on the opportunities they provide to earn great ROI’s.

The return on investment for real estate has, in the past, been touch and go. However these days we are seeing the return of many of the markets hit hard by the all to fresh, economic world crisis.

The Costa Rica real estate market has arguably been consistently stable but in 2007, or thereabouts, the entire market went soft.

Now in 2012 we are seeing the return while at the same time, there are a variety of options for potential investors to jump upon.

Randy Berg, a home builder in Costa Rica, has quietly been catering to the money conscious buyer who appreciates a bargain when they see one. His gated communities have been selling like hot cakes since the Berg family was featured on the cover of Newsweek.

Mr. Berg has
homes for sale in Costa Rica
at heavily discounted prices and on top of it all…they are new construction!

International Living ranked Costa Rica in the Top 3 for best unrealized real estate markets in the world. More specifically they singled out the Southern Zone as a place to consider investing.

On the other side of the spectrum we have Mel Gibson (isn’t this always the case with him?)…

Mel Gibson recently “relisted” his sprawling mansion/complex in
whereas he’s lowered the price to $29.75 million from the previous $35 million.

The private ranch/retreat sits on a private 500 acres with it’s own private beach and a spattering of “villas” throughout the property including the main mansion of 7 bedrooms.

Of course this helps drive even more attention to the
Costa Rica real estate
market — every little bit helps.

Affordable homes for sale in Costa Rica have notoriously been difficult to find however with builders like Randy Berg, these are becoming more and more available to the average individual.

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