Costa Rica protests Nicaragua over a fence in Calero Island

The Government of Costa Rica presented yesterday a new diplomatic note of protest to Nicaragua reports based on the installation of a fence and columns craft in Costa Rican territory in Calero Island in Pococí, Limón.

This new claim comes two years after the conflict erupted diplomatic bilateral at allegations about an invasion of Costa Rican military and official personnel Nicaragua on Costa Rican soil, in addition to environmental damage from deforestation and dredging of the river San Juan. That prompted a complaint to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, Netherlands.

Now there is a new element: the construction of a wire fence and setting poles in the area that the ICJ had preemptively declared as “exclusion zone”.

The vice chancellor Carlos Roverssi said, there are reports that attribute these works to Sandinista Youth members who are constantly in and out of that territory, he told to reporters.

So yesterday at 4:30 pm Costa Rican authorities handed the note to the Nicaraguan ambassador, Harold Rivas, for transmission to the Foreign Minister Samuel Santos. “The Government of Costa Rica presents its strongest protest against this action and for its policy of systematic disregard the orders of the Court,” the document says, according to the press release from the Foreign Ministry.

“With the support and control of the Government of Nicaragua, maintain constant presence in that area,” the document, and new pictures are added to the dossier of evidence in the proceedings in The Hague.

“This recent work carried out within the territory object of the provisional measures ordered by the Court is a new and flagrant violation of the measures imposed.”

This breaks diplomatic detente period that was generated in the past few monthseven Costa Rica sent an ambassador to Managua, Javier Sancho, who until now has not been accredited by President Daniel Ortega.

During the weeks of greatest conflict in December 2010, President Laura Chinchilla was even qualify as “enemy” Ortega’s government.