Costa Rica Prisons Step Up in Light Of Honduras Fire

More than 300 inmates died burning or suffocated in a fire at the detention center in Comayagua, Honduras.

This case leads to the reflection on how prepared the prisons in our country are to respond to emergency situations like this.

According to the fire chief, Hector Chavez, there are many limitations in the prison system and fire detection and evacuation are the worst – there are no emergency protocols.

Chávez emphasized that the country’s institutions, public or private, which usually house together many people, should have an emergency plan updated and in place.

Also be sure that staff are aware of the evacuation plan.

Meanwhile, Jim Batres assistant director of operations of the Red Cross said, that the situation in Honduras shows us that institutions here should analyze the need to assess the conditions at prisons throughout the country, generally as part of preventive work.

In connection with this, the Director of Social Adaptation, Eugene Polanco said, that the prison installations are in better condition than many other prisons.

The Minister of Justice, Hernando Paris, activated this morning an early warning in all prisons in the country for what occurred in Honduras. He also expressed that any public or private institution is not free from an incident of this magnitude happening to them, explaining that it should take the necessary precautionary steps to prevent them.

Currently in our country there are 9 615 prison spaces, with a population of 12 029 prisioners, overcrowding rate is 25.1 percent.

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