Costa Rica Pineapple Grows Face Stiff Competition

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Costa Rica is not alone in the business of sweetening the European and American palates with slices or pineapple pieces golden, named for its yellow color.

Panama and Colombia and Ghana recently trying to reproduce the Costa Rican history and for that, were devoted to the cultivation, production and international sale of this fruit, known as MD2.

An example of this is across the southern border of Costa Rica, in the Panamanian province of Chiriqui. There, agricultural farm is located, San Lorenzo, with 270 hectares planted with this variety of pineapple.

The company realized that a Dutch importer-country to which Costa Rica also supplies fruit, will purchase all of its production, thanks to a sweet and juicy pineapple.

“Here, we can produce fruit of equal or better quality than that of Costa Rica,” he said emphatically, Ricardo Salas Garcia, general manager of the company, in a telephone interview.

In Panama there are grown in total about 3,000 hectares, compared with 43,000 hectares planted there in our Costa Rica.

On this side of the border, Abel Chaves, president of the National Chamber of Pineapple Producers and Exporters, says the country is ahead thanks to the quality of the fruit.

Insists that the Costa Rican pineapple notes the country, not only for its color, but also because it is juicy, aromatic and sweet, and that has made Costa Rica the leading global provider of this fruit.

“For quality, we are still ones who mark the way. Here we have great advantages as a condition of soils, climate, knowledge and technological equipment and processes internationally certified, “he said Chaves.

Roman Alexander agrees with him, the Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer), who emphasizes that the country experience gained with this pineapple cultivation since the early nineties when he began to plant this variety.

Only in 2011, the sector internationally placed 1.722 million tons of fruit, which allowed it record sales of $ 725.8 million compared to $ 662.4 million in 2010.

Despite these achievements, Chaves and Roman recognize that Costa Rica should diversify their markets and compete with countries like Panama, Ghana and Colombia.

Procomer representative commented that there are national pineapple shipments to destinations nontraditional as Russia, Turkey and Poland, and there rapprochement with Chile. They join the 43 locations where it reaches the national fruit, but the United States is the principal.

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