Costa Rica Pays Pensions To 3,700 Veterans

The screams of battle and the sound of the guns fell silent for more than half a century, but more than 3701 pensioners will continue to pass the bill to the country for the civil war in 1948 and the invasion of 1955.

It does not matter if the combatants fought with figueristas groups, calderonistas or communists: the lew is the same for each and every one of them receive a contribution or monthly pension of 100 thousand colones.

The proposal has the record 18,488, and the proposed of the party Deputy National Liberation (PLN) Elibeth Venegas, at the request of the president of the Association of veterans of Heredia, Vladimir Gonzales.

Vladimir, her grandson and his nephew, failed to see the war of 48, or the events of 55. But explained that the plan promoted benemeritazgo to prevent the memory of those conflicts will be diluted over time.

“Everyone fought for an ideal, only God knows if they were wrong or not,” Gonzalez said.

For the parliamentary Elibeth Venegas, the benemeritazgo is a historic recognition for citizens who took a turn to the life of Costa Rica.

“This benemeritazgo represents a great opportunity to save the value and teaching that leave the armed conflicts of the years 48 and 55, which involved many national heroes,” said Venegas on the presentation of the plan of law.

The national director of pensions, Dunia Madrid, explained how to assign war pensions, which are aimed, in theory, a few veterans of socioeconomic resources.

“The war pensions are the lowest, the most basic,” said the official.

Applicants must have at least 60 years old and not have “any real estate in theirs name to qualify for the pension, said Madrid.

However, these requirements often become a headache for some veterans. Such is the case of Captain Carlos Arguedas, 85 years old, and who still gets excited narrating the battles that he participated in 38-day armed conflict, between 12 March and 19 April 1948.

For Madrid, the processing of pensions for war veterans is normal, and noted that the procedures are done as soon as possible.

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