Costa Rica News Site EXCLUSIVE – Strange Earth Sounds Return!


What you are about to hear in the audio clip below, is footage recorded by our in-house columnist Roddy Escalante while in Desamparados in the Central Valley this past Friday the 13th at 11:59pm. Almost identical to the time when the first Costa Rica strange noises were heard on January 9th.

Here is his recollection of the events that unfolded that night…

This was recorded on Friday 13 at 11:59pm, I was in Desamparados in the house of a friend with my girlfriend, we were alone, and we were sleeping, then I heard the neighboors screaming and saying “hey people, listen, it is the sounds again, and it is not fireworks!”

So, I woke up and grabbed the iPhone of my girlfriend and started recording the noises. I woke my girlfriend and told her, “honey, listen to strange sounds everyone is talking about.”

We were very excited, it was very impressive, because you could tell that it was not fireworks, it was more like a rumble. The sound lasted more than a minute. I was very excited that I got to listen to the noises and all I could think about was, what that hell is that .

Roddy EscalanteCosta Rica News Site Columnist

2012 CalendarSo as you can see for yourself, it appears that the strange Earth noises have return, or possibly never stopped.

The noises continue to haunt locals around the country. Please note that these noises, although may sound like waves, are no where near the ocean as the Central Valley is exactly that…CENTRAL to the country and hours from any ocean in either direction.

It is in my opinion that this noise is increasingly similar to the Kiev and USA Earth noises we’ve heard.

What is it? I have no idea. All I can say is…it’s creepy and sounds metallic.

As far as being an apocalyptic end of the world message…I don’t subscribe to that however at this point anything is possible given NO ONE can explain the strange noises being heard across the globe.

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These haunting sounds are being heard all over the world with increased activity almost daily now. The following videos were shot in Canada – the first video was filmed in Manitoba, Canada while the second one was filmed 1000kms away in deep forests of Conklin, Alberta in Canada.

This subject is fascinating and has captured the attention of media all across the globe. But what is it?

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