Costa Rica News: A New Direction

costa rica news

Born again for 2013, Costa Rica News Site (CRNS) has taken yet another shift in direction. This time round the site – instead of being an article production plant – will only feature news stories we feel are significant enough to post. Essentially there will be no more publishing news for the sake of publishing a specific number of articles per day.

The frequency of the published content on this site will drop however the quality of the pieces we do run will improve significantly.

For the most part (aside from Tico Times and AM), Costa Rica news sites like this one are operated by one individual who typically either outsources the writing of their content or in fact does it themselves as is the case of CRNS for the time being.

With that being said, I (Don Halbert) am an extremely busy individual who’s neither got the time nor interest in running a news portal in Costa Rica to compete against the larger sites of my colleagues. On that note however, we will be (in the coming days) setting up an article submission section where budding writers can submit content (relevant) for review and be considered for publishing on CRNS.

It was considered to close the site down simply based on lack of time to upkeep the content and appease readership however after some serious consideration I’ve decided to keep CRNS open and simply provide content as I see fit and hopefully moving forward there will be some credible contributors who can contribute content on regular basis that CRNS readership appreciates.

In the meantime I appreciate your understand and hopefully in the coming weeks things will progress in the direction of improving content quality and also a offering a diverse array of opinions on various subjects pertaining to Costa Rica.