Costa Rica has Lowest Participation of Latin America


This week a report by United Nations human development emphasizes democracy and civility of Costa Ricans but also reveals that Costa Rica is the country with the lowest participation of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The United Nations Program for Development (UNDP) released its Human Development Report 2013, which tells how only 14.4% of Costa Ricans is part of sports groups, 13.9% are involved in community associations, 5.7% involved in their professional associations and only 2.3% active in political parties.

The report maintains that, generally, people in Costa Rica do not want to get involved in social or political groups and, on the other hand, expect much of the state. For Mata, Costa Ricans other responsibilities delegated to not want to take themselves.

In the world of human development list, Costa Rica is in the high development category to occupy position 62 from a total of 187 countries.
The UNDP study reports that Costa Rica has the highest life expectancy in Latin America and the Caribbean (79.4 years).

In addition, Costa Ricans say they are highly satisfied with their life and that feeling seems to be reflected in a phrase that has become a trademark national language: “pura vida”.

In the measurement of life satisfaction, the study shows how Costa Rica has a 7.3 on a scale of 0-10, near Denmark, world number one, who has a 7.8.

The UN report highlights the willingness to relate to others, kindness and solidarity of Costa Ricans, known as Ticos.

However, the report indicates that the population wants to live that kindness and that environment “pura vida” in an “un-complicated”, “that does not involve long-term commitments.”

“The results show that people in this country tend to delegate responsibility for the collective to the state,” says the document.

What are the reasons for not participating? The study includes a survey Costa Ricans in which an account of the excuses.

A 44.1% said “lack of time”, 20.3% said “lack of information”, 8.5% said the difficult location of civil organizations and 9.1% answered that their participation is something that is “pending”.

Costa Rica is a country contradictions: a high degree of civility and a strong democracy with low participation.

UNDP data are based on the Latin American Public Opinion Project (Public Opinion Project), 2012. In national surveys asked the population of each country if he participated in any of the following groups: parents associations, village committees, professional associations, political parties or movements and sports and leisure groups.

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