Costa Rica Is Without A Doubt…Bass-ackwards.


It’s no secret that crime in Costa Rica is out of control. The president has gone on national television on numerous occasions talking about the issues with the Costa Rican legal “system”.

We’ve written numerous articles on the subject ourselves…

One of the primary concerns for the government is the lack of space available in the existing prisons – and without any funding to build more…they seem to be in a bit of pickle.

The question should be…”why are the prisons full if they… a.) have a failed legal system and b.) couldn’t convict a criminal if he walked up and popped someone on national television?”

More than likely all you’d hear was a bunch of Ticos saying, “I saw it but…I don’t really want to get involved.”

Want to the know the real answer to why the Costa Rica prisons are overflowing? Simple. It’s a case of priority.

Costa Rica’s priorities are “bass-ackwards” or as we say in Canada…”ass backwards”.

To put it plainly, the prisons are full of deadbeat dads. Men who’ve failed to pay their “pension” or as we call it, child support. And one of thousands of other ridiculous laws here, one says that if the father can’t pay then they start working down the family tree starting with the parents.

If the parents can’t pay then they could face prison also – and just as easily.

The most comedic part of the whole fiasco is the universal lack of priorities and common-sense.

You see, in Costa Rica you could murder someone, commit felony fraud, rape a woman (or 10), do a violent home invasion and any other serious crime you could think of…yet the reality is, officials will drag their asses like you’ve never seen before. Additionally, it is also no secret that the “criminal system” is the second criminal involved in any crime.

If you are unfortunately a victim of a crime in Costa Rica, you can count on the so called legal system to victimize you to the point of lunacy.

Essentially the message here is this…commit any imaginable serious felony here and you’re likely good to go but God forbid you don’t pay that child support because they will send every available cop to the far ends of the Earth and make the biggest scene by cuffing you and slamming you around like you were a hardened criminal.

It’s all about the drama. Costa Ricans love their soap opera drama.

You don’t believe me? Let me tell you that a good friend of mine had just paid his child support to his ex – in cash (admittedly not the smartest move) then a few days later while he’s enjoying a beer in a local bar, 20 bloody cops storm the place like he was Saddam Hussein or something. Guns drawn and the works!

They cuffed him and took him away where he would stay until he scraped together the ENTIRE child support amount again.

I’m sorry but this is criminal in it’s own right. The government complains they have no more room in the prisons and that something has to be done – yet they continue to fill up their prisons with irresponsible people. Not criminals…irresponsible people. Meanwhile the criminals can run around and continue doing what they do best…CRIMES.

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