Costa Rica In The Social Hot Seat Over Pantera Photos

costa rica panther

OIJ on Monday asked two young men who posted photos of a decapitated black panther head on Facebook, about the circumstances leading to them acquiring it.

These photographs have sparked anger and outrage of many users of the social network Facebook.

And this was the means by which a group of citizens decided to start a campaign for the death of the black jaguar – in the field of smoke, in Pejibaye Turrialba in the Central Valley.

The photographs show two young residents of that community, who took pictures with the animal’s head and paws.

costa rica pantherSergio Rojas from MINAET in Turrialba said they have some important information from members of the community.

Rojas also said that to detain people for the crime of poaching is difficult and must be done at the moment the trigger is pulled per se. In other words they have to let them go unless they are caught redhanded!

OIJ of Turrialba and the District initiated an investigation and interviewed the young people who appear in the photographs.

Investigators witnessed the head of the panther during the investigation on Monday.

One of them told the daily La Teja, that they (the 2 youths) were not to blame in the death of the animal and only found him without life and decided to take the picture after the discovery.

According to biologist Freddy Pacheco, these species need large spaces to develop their lives but man has moved into their habitat making run-ins more common.

So there have been incidents of pumas in residential areas like Escazú and Orotina. According to Pacheco, not just by illegal hunting are these animals killed but also urban expansion could lead to their extinction.

Even recently was the death of an ocelot on Route 27 credited to this interaction with mankind — in this case a vehicle ran it over.

On the information that the OIJ was on the trail of the suspects, a celebration would ensue among those who have followed this issue on Facebook and calling for a punishment to those responsible.

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