Costa Rica hospital has 1,185 patients who are awaiting for cardiac catheter

Situations such as the existence of a waiting list of 1,185 patients waiting for a heart catheter, provoked the intervention of the Cardiology Costa Rica Hospital of Mexico.

Since yesterday, that unit is led by an interdisciplinary team and will remain so for the next four months, said the medical director Douglas Montero.

During that time, authorities hope to dispel doubts about questions in managing waiting lists for outpatient, the distribution of human resources (medical personnel) and the process of purchasing inputs in Cardiology.

In the case of the catheter, this is a probe inserted into the vascular system for diagnosing or treating heart disease.

The completion of this procedure is vital in Social Security, if it takes into account that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the country.

In private practice placing a catheter will cost between $ 7,500 and $ 15,000, depending on the number of stents (cylindrical devices that are placed in the arteries) that requires the patient.

The intervention was established Montero director. For the disorder that Mexico Hospital has, his administration can take control unit without consulting to the managements of the Social Security Fund (CCSS).

This is the second intervention in Mexico hospital in the last year, because in August 2011 the Board of Directors of the Fund declared a similar process for the radiotherapy department, where still investigating alleged irregularities in the care of cancer patients and waiting lists.

One of the first steps in Cardiology was the temporary removal of chief medical officer Luis Romero. He will be from today at the Hospital de Heredia.

Romero, who rejected the criticisms, it is appointed by the medical director responsible for what happens in Cardiology.

Also criticized the medical director has not consulted on the alleged failures that led to the intervention.

The authorities knew the box two weeks ago the tense atmosphere in Mexico Hospital Cardiology.

The medical manager Maria Eugenia Villalta said yesterday that days earlier had given audience to cardiologists and knew the position of Medical Director.

She also acknowledged the problems within the unit. She said that two weeks ago asked the Internal Audit the central offices begin investigations of all alleged anomalies.

The manager announced that she await for the report of the auditors to make determinations in Cardiology.