Costa Rica has to pay 420.000 dollars for banning In-Vitro Fertilization

in vetro costa rica

Costa Rican Government will have to pay a total of $420.000 in compensation to 18 couples that were affected by the banning of In-vitro Fertilization by an order from the Internamerican Court of Human Rights; this was informed this Tuesday officially.

“The payment will be effective this February 25th”, announced the ministry of communication to the press, Francisco Chacón, who explained that each couple will receive around $20.000, and around $60.000 to the honoraries of the lawyers that represented their lawsuit, was indicated by the functionary.

On January 22nd physicians from the Caja were offering Psychological therapy to the victims of the case, programmed to end in March 6th

Last December 20th the Internamerican Court of Human Rights (IDH) condemned the State of Costa Rica for banning the application of the technique of In-Vitro Fertilization, based on a judgment by the Sala Constitutional de la Corte Suprema de Justicia emitted in the year 2000.

In the judgment, the Interamerican Court determined that the prohibition affected the private and familiar life, the reproductive rights and personal integrity of the affected ones.

The judges affirmed that “the decision of being a mother or father is part of the right of private life and includes, in the present case, the decision of being a mother and father in the genetic or biological sense”.
The international Tribunal ordered the restoration of the right to the assisted reproduction, to which the government promised that will fulfill the verdict in all of its extremes.

Illegalization of the In-Vitro fertilization was promoted by conservative religious groups, claiming that the procedure was a violation to human rights, because it requires discarding fertilized ovules.