Costa Rica Grants Amnesty Period for Undocumented Foreign Workers


The Government of Costa Rica announced an amnesty period of 10 months to allow foreign workers to register undocumented expired visa or immigration status and obtain a work permit.

The Deputy Minister of the Interior and Police, Freddy Montero, said in a statement that “(we) seek to promote social justice and labor solidarity, since migrant workers are covered by the same social guarantees by law cover Costa Rican workers “.

According to authorities, this measure, delivered by executive decree, benefits mainly immigrants working in agriculture, construction and domestic.

As requirements immigrants must demonstrate that maintain a continuous employment relationship since at least last September 18, prove their nationality and submit their criminal records through certificates issued by their consulates in San Jose, among others.

As of August 1, 2014 the authorities charged a $ 100 fine for those who work in Costa Rica with expired visas or undocumented, and shall lay their employers.

According to official data, the increased flow of immigrants to Costa Rica is Nicaragua, who work mostly in agriculture, construction and domestic services.

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