Costa Rica Gets Modern Crime Fighting Ability With Thermal Cameras


A new technology of thermal imaging cameras used by armies and border police have arrived to our country and could be used in fighting organized crime.

These cameras have a range of 20 kilometers. They are very used by the Border Patrol of the United States in combating immigration and drug trafficking, primarily on the border with Mexico.

One of the specialists said that the use of these cameras are very effective in policing.

The specialist Alejandro Berumen said that these cameras capture images from the heat generating bodies, and do not require ambient light to function.

The cameras allow police special groups observe a very comfortable and safe distance.

Also, determine how many people are in the area and even the type of weapons they might have. “Used in the U.S. borders in Chile and around the world,” said Berumen.

The company that introduced these cameras to the country intends to use them for conflicts with Nicaragua and the fight against drug trafficking.

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