Costa Rica Dentists Under the Microscope


If the cost of dental treatments is suspiciously cheap, you’d better think twice before you pay.

The College of Dental Surgeons are processing several complaints of irregular cases in Costa Rica.

They are afraid of becoming victims of bad dental work because people are simply hunting for low prices.

The President of the College of Dental Surgeons (Alexis Fields) said:

“Class 1 resin should cost ¢ 22,000, two surfaces should cost ¢ 29,000, the price for 3 is ¢ 32,000.”

They investigated a number of dentists charging very low prices for the same treatments.

In addition, the college president expressed that tooth whitening must have a cost of ¢ 122,000.

But some dentists are offering teeth whitening at 2×1 or price of ¢ 65,000 each.

According to the College of Dental, there is a table where customers can see prices. This way you can know if you are paying more or maybe less.

The school recommends that before making a dental treatment, it is better to consult prices before and verify that your dentist is a licensed professional.

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