Costa Rica declines signing declaration of telecommunications conference

Costa Rica will not sign the final declaration of the World Conference of the ITU Telecommunication and Internet growth. Since 3 December, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) takes the conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with over 1,800 delegates from 193 countries.

Its purpose is to update the International Telecommunication Regulations, one of the four legal instruments of the entity was not updated since 1988.

However, Costa Rica decided not to sign the final declaration of the agreements reached at the conference reported presidential palace, in a press statement.

In its report, the Government explained that there was a divergence between the delegates of the countries with the adoption of a resolution on Internet growth.

“This resolution caused polarization (…) on the one hand, who believe that the activity-conference-is only to update the International Telecommunication Regulations so Internet is beyond the scope of this instrument,” says the statement .

“And, secondly, by those countries believe that international regulations should also cover aspects of Internet content and network governance,” the report said.

Costa Rica is represented in the forum with the participation of Deputy Minister of Telecommunications, Rowland Espinosa.