Costa Rica Climber Reaches 7400 Meters on Everest


The Costa Rican climber Warner Rojas arrived on Sunday to field three of Mount Everest. This is a major achievement for the Tico, and he has now surpassed his own record.

The highest altitude that he’d climbed was the highest mountain of America, Aconcagua in Argentina at 6962 meters.

On this occasion the Costa Rican national reached 7,470 meters. Warner Rojas and his expedition had to enter through the new route, because the original became too dangerous due to the large rock slides.

This climb was very difficult because it has extreme temperatures. But Warner Rojas said he felt perfectly like at home, which speaks very well of his adaptation to high altitude, fitness and mental attitude.

The national and colleagues slept one night in the camp three with the help of oxygen to facilitate recovery and sleep, because otherwise it is very difficult to sleep with one third of the oxygen that we normally have at sea level.

The group continues with the original plan, but another team decided not to continue. The company confirmed through its website versions that circulated from the previous week.

The current hazardous conditions in the Khumbu icefall and the wall of Lhotse Himalayan Experience has forced previous climbers to stop.

We can not assume responsibility for sending them to you, the Sherpa guides explain …

The same company reported the death of another Sherpa, who was with them for 20 years.

Last week the camp was evacuated after one man suffered a stroke. He died Sunday in a hospital. I have confirmation that this is the third guide in the Himalayas who died on Everest this season.

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