Costa Rica Catch And Release Program Sets Criminals Free

The two men arrested while trying to cut with a saw nine species of trees over 60 years old at the Tortuguero National Park were released shortly after being dramatically arrested on national television.

The only prohibition was, do not enter and not be around the park. This is because, hours before the men of surnames Gonzalez and Martinez were caught with a chainsaw in hand just while they were cutting and processing the trees.

The arrest took place on Thursday thanks to the complaint of several tourists who were shocked when they saw the men enter the mountains and the hills with a chainsaw on their shoulder.

After the alert, composed of three men officers Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) and Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (MINAE) walked more than two hours until they were in the midst of harvest.

Although the investigation were released continuously, the prosecutor attributed the crime of illegal logging that is punishable by imprisonment ranging from one to three years in prison.

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