Costa Rica breaks record in attracting high-tech investments

Costa Rica broke, again this year the record of attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) in the field of high technology, according to a report released today by the Coalition

This year will close with a total of $ 574.5 million, 22% above the $ 470.2 million in 2011, said the report.

It added that there were 40 high-tech projects, including entry of new firms and reinvestments, which generated 8236 jobs.

The details are offered jointly by Minister of Foreign Trade (Comex), Anabel González, President of Cinde, Joseph Rossi, and the director general of the latter, Gabriela Llobet.

Cinde divides the high-tech investments in three sectors: services, life sciences and advanced manufacturing.

In addition, the first revenues are recorded in highly innovative as clean technology.

In the area of ​​high-tech services were 19 investment or reinvestment projects, totaling $ 51.6 million and generating 5,099 jobs.

In this sector underlines the arrival of the firm Infosys, of India to establish a service center in Santa Ana, whereby proveeduría provide management and contracting for the American market. Hires 100 people.

In the area of ​​life sciences reached 13 projects with a total investment of $ 370 million and generating 2,072 jobs.

The German G. Rau, in the manufacture of mechanical parts, is one that entered this year.

The three new projects in advanced manufacturing contributed $ 100 million and 951 jobs.

Brightpoint in cellular repair, of the United States; Clamcleat, plastic injection, Britain, and Promitel, which provides fiber optic, of Colombia, entered this sector.

In called sector projects were four, one of them for making costumes to compete in Formula One (cars). The investment of all was for $ 51.6 million and 100 new jobs, the report said.

The three officials highlighted the first investment in the area of ​​clean technologies, with $ 2.2 million and 25 jobs. This is windpipe, with a design and development center for the wind industry. They will be installed in Tilarán, a less developed area.

Gonzalez, Llobet and Rossi noted further that the success in attracting high-tech FDI have much to do with the joint work and joint efforts of Comex, Cinde and Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer).

To achieve this communion, they added, an agreement was signed two years ago between the three entities