Costa Rica 1st In Oral Health in Latin America

The CCSS exceeded their on others for facial surgery at the public level in all Latin America with more than 4 000 procedures since 1999.

Orthognathic surgery heads the list with 170 annual operations and of performing surgical procedures to correct mandibular structure, by congenital deformities or physical development.

Rodolfo Gamboa, a physician at the Hospital San Juan de Dios, says that patients should be in control at least 3 years before having a surgery.

It is estimated that 3.5% of the population need highly complex specialized treatments to correct problems of the teeth, and recommends when still young as to when to perform the procedures.


Gamboa says, the surgery consists of, make controlled fractures to correct the disorder in the bones of the face, meaning that break the bones of the face to reconstruct the shape of the jaw.

Andrea Gomezwas submitted the procedure in 2007 and says her life changedsince surgery was applied.

They say that these procedures are performed in over 18 years, since children under age 14 can correct their problems with treatments such as traditional braces.

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