COSEVI Closed For Holy Week Until April 9

Drivers who have forfeited the plates of their vehicles may have to wait up to 10 days without driving. The Road Safety Council closed its doors last Friday to Monday 9 April.

COSEVI director, Silvia Bolaños, said the institution will not provide services during Holy Week, including the units and departments to challenge violations and return of plates due to employee vacations combined with the holidays for religious activities.

The seizure of the plate when at reckless speed or driving while drunk, as well as for drivers involved in traffic accidents in which there are injuries or deaths.

According to Bolaños vehicles having problems with gas, without marking a day,or driving with expired license was suspended or not, can also result in forfeiture of the plates.

People who need to appeal a fine have 10 days to do so, counting from Monday April 9.

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