Cosevi announces eight pedestrian bridges to save lives

The Road Safety Council (Cosevi) announced the construction of eight pedestrian bridges in high-traffic roads, as part of a campaign to reduce mortality.

Four of the structures will be in South Inter American Street (Route 2): one in La Galera (Curridabat), another in La Lima, Cartago and two in Perez Zeledon.

On Route 27 (Caldera) there will be one at the intersection to Brazil de Mora. Only on that road seven pedestrians died in 2011.

The last three will be on Route 32 (San José-Limón): two in Guápiles (vs. Technical College and the school’s Marina) and one against the newspaper La República, in Barrio Tournon.

Acording to Silvia Bolaños, director of Cosevi, each structure is valued at ¢ 300 million and is expected to be built all during 2013. The design and construction period is six months.

The announcement was made yesterday at the Plaza de la Cultura, during the announcement of a pedestrian safety campaign.

According to Cosevi data, in 2012 died 78 pedestrians, by performing in public indiscretions.

Among them, do not cross at corners, do not use the pedestrian bridges, crossing the street when the light is green or not to walk in front of cars where there are no sidewalks.

The campaign involved the Florida Beverage Company, which had the support of dozens of volunteers who handed out leaflets to passers.

Some of the messages delivered yesterday also involve other road users, as passengers, drivers and cyclists.

For example, the imprudence cycling are the fifth leading cause of deaths in the streets.

In addition, we remind drivers to wear seat car decreases by 65% of road deaths.

The new traffic law establishes a fine of ¢ 20,000 to pedestrians who do not cross at corners, do not use the bridges or violate the obligation to walk on his/her left when there are no sidewalks.

According to Bolaños, if the pedestrian does not pay in the 10 working days of the amount of the fine, the penalty charge is sent to court and the offender may file a blemish on credit file.