Concrete Blocks Frighten Entire Neighborhood As They Are Put In Place

Without knowing exactly why, residential neighbors of Real Santamaria in Lagunilla de Heredia witnessed passing huge concrete cubes and containers a few meters from the roofs of their houses.

Irene Calvo is owner of a house that is next to the campus where the movement began…

One day, she got up in the middle of 2011 and saw a telescopic crane carrying building blocks, from one side to another, and above her home. Since then she said, that she was so afraid of the crane operator making a mistake and the constant noise of machinery – prevent her from living in peace.

The generator is the Ordocol company, which opened its office five years ago in San Pedro de Montes de Oca, San Jose, and for about a year operate in a campus in Lagunilla. The site, in theory only works as a workshop and for the safekeeping of equipment and machinery. According to Jeannette Carvajal, legal representative of the company, one of the main services offered is the rental of heavy equipment (such as forklifts and cranes) to public and private companies. In spite of complaints from neighborhood residents, Carvajal said operating with permits, despite some contradictions between the entities that grant authorizations.

Because it is located within a gated community. Ordocol operation has provoked from 2011, a series of complaints from neighbors to the Municipality of Heredia and the Ministry of Health. Insecurity, excessive noise and dust, walls that resound, plagues of mosquitoes and invasion of private property are the main attractions.

“We fear that things fall because it feels like it is shaking,” said Gabriela Gutierrez, residential neighbor. The Health Ministry found some faults, but granted permission to work with the promise of improvements. Recently, the agency extended for another year permit, which expired in June. Mayela Viquez, director of the Area Dean of Health, said, Ordocol has made all advances required and therefore not suspend operations.

The Ministry of Health took the decision even though the company has no environmental feasibility study, which must be approved by the National Environmental Technical Secretariat (Setena).

Francisco Fernandez, Department of Environmental Assessment, argued that according to Article 17 of the Organic Environmental Law, this study does need to be authorized activities such as this.

“Supposedly, they should not operate, Ministry of Health should not give them permission until they have environmental sustainability,” Fernandez claimed.

Meanwhile, the Municipality of Heredia granted the patent for the use of land. But Pablo Cordoba, engineer in charge, said that no building permits. This is due to Ordocol built on campus without the approval of the Municipality.

“They are already in process of demolition. If at the end (of a term extension) do not show the plane, we would proceed to demolish what does not have any municipal permit, “said the official of the City.

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