Conavi Hired 6 Novice Companies To Build Border Road

The Conavi contracted work for ¢ 2,800 million for the construction of the border road to five companies and one person who did not have any machinery in his name and had never worked for the State in the past.

At least two of those contractors, traveled to Florida in the United States, with two officials from the National Roads Authority (Conavi). These people were responsible for the rental contracts of machinery to the trail 1856, which measures 160 kilometers. They flew in May 2011.

They are businessmen David Villalobos Castillo, president of the Santa Cruz CSC Colossus, which billed ¢ 1,150 million, and Giovanni Baralis Crosetti, who billed nearly ¢ 780 million to his name.

The other four companies with no machinery and no experience in public works are 3-101-615239 societies, which costed ¢ 374 million, excavators Herra Brothers, with ¢ 251 million; Construction Casino, with ¢ 143 million, and San Carlos Construction, with ¢ 139 million.

In fact, Brothers Herra and Casino was founded in 2011, even after the Conavi began the construction of the trail parallel to the river San Juan, in December 2010, following the conflict with Nicaragua for the invasion of Calero Island.

Meanwhile, 3-101-615239 was founded in late 2010, San Carlos in 2009 and The Colossus, in 2005.

These data come from an analysis of the databases of the National Register, the Comptroller General of the Republic, settlements and expenses Conavi import records for the time the project began at the end 2010.

Baralis said he was registered as vendor in the Conavi before the start of construction of the trail and was called to work in that work.

However, he said he entered the material handling business six years ago, after selling a restaura’pjras.

In the name of Baralis, no machinery registered. But in the name of Investment Papaos Giopawal had two heads when they started the work and billed another ¢ 570 million to Conavi

Baralis said he came to subcontract up to 40 trucks for this project.

The firm 3-101-615239, is chaired by Carlos Rivera Luis Rivera Umaña who is president of Investment Rivera Segura, and has a firm contracted by the Conavi to monitor road works contracting in the Caribbean.

Yesterday was not possible to speak with representatives of firms Colossus, San Carlos, Brothers Herra and Casino.

Companies that had no machinery or equipment bought imported during or after their participation in the trail work.

Casino Constructor acquired three machines, while Herra Brothers, San Carlos and El Coloso, one each.

El Conavi also hired companies with five or fewer machines to their name and who had no contracts with the state.

These are Agricultural Excavations Brothers Montoya, Investment Papaos Giopawal, WSP Constructor, Nuevo Siglo, Cernicalo Avisor, Investment and Transport Soto Campos Tubers El Ruiseñor. This data includes machines to companies name or the name of their partners.

In contrast, other companies did have dozens of machines and vast experience. For example, the Constructor El Bajo de leon , and the Construction Hermanos Brenes.

El Bajo del leon , for example, had 52 machines and, to date, has billed more than ¢ 5,000 million in previous contracts.

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