Conavi Has No Available Budget To Work Short-Term On The Route To San Ramón


The Consejo Nacional de Vialidiad (Conavi) has no funds available for works on the 58km road between La Sabana and San Ramón.

The only budget anticipation in the institution for the Bernardo Soto (route 1) is an intervention to the bridge of the Virilla River.

José Luis Salas, executive director of Conavi, pointed out this morning during the interview with ADN 90.7FM, that the institution didn’t have any funds contemplated for this project, which is why it would be given to the Brazilian company OAS, to who it was awarded the concession of the road San José-San Ramón.

“We didn’t have any budget previsions because the contract of concessions had this previsions. It’s an intervention that if it was made, we’d have to look for funds”, Continued Salas.

The Chief Manager of Conavi specified that the only workings that are being taken into consideration in the budget are the ones to re-pavement the General Cañas road, and to put the signs that have been put under route 32.

When he was asked about the funds produced for the conservation of the roads, through the fuel tax, he explained that he had already assigned the budgets.

“We have 44.000 million assigned this year for the intervention of the roads all over the country. This money is divided in 22 zones, this means that 2.000 million for each zone per year. So, 500 million every 3 months.

He also clarified that the borrowings of the Central American Bank of Integral Economy and the Inter-American bank of Development already have been distributed in a way of investment, it’s contemplated the integral rehabilitation of the “Platina” bridge.

Paul Brenes, voice of the West forums pointed that ideal case would be that Conavi keeps working with the roads maintenance contract that is running with the construction company Hernán Solís, meanwhile an agreement is made.

“The issue (rebuilt of the San Ramón road) is caused by political will. The Trocha was built quickly because there was some political will”, detailed Brenes.

Another possible solution that the West forum proposes is to take advantage of the capitals that the country has, make them participate in it, and create some trust documents.

“We feel like there’s different options. There’s lots of companies that could participate because it’s an opportunity of business for them”, ended the leader of the group that was against the concession of the San Ramón road.

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