Conavi Figures The Only Sensible Solution To Massive Sink Hole Is Build A Bridge

For emergency planning rather than the National Roads Authority (Conavi) values construct two concrete bridges to pass over the hole of the General Cañas highway.

The idea is two separate structures, with three lanes each, road, rail, sidewalks and a length of 20 to 30 meters.

A second alternative involves placing concrete archesof eight feet wide and six feet high under the road, the road to avoid collapsing again by the waters of the stream Guaria.

The information was confirmed by Christian Vargas, Conservation Manager of Roads and Bridges Conavi, adding that proposals either meet the technical requirements to solve the problem.

The discussion on the issue has to do with the cost of each project.

“We have to consider economic factors and structural considerations,” said Vargas.

The engineer said that this will correspond to the financial unit of Conavi fix the cost of each work, and did not indicate when it will finish the work, it will depend on which option will choose and climatic conditions in the coming months.

Meanwhile, users of the highway will continue to move on bailey bridges were placed five days after the collapse of the road, on 26 June.

Vargas said he will continue inspections to see the rest of the road (in the sense Alajuela – San José), which did not collapse.

Who began work yesterday were responsible for the relocation of the tubes of the Costa Rican Oil Refinery (Recope).

The pipe is very close to the creek The Guaria and, if not relocated, will hinder the reconstruction of the road.

Last week, the Conavi recognized that repairing the road will continue until the end of the year, “because the working conditions of the site are quite complicated.” Among other aspects, soil composition, since this is a landfill built 50 years ago.

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