Comptroller General Concludes Study in to Nation’s Radio Spectrum Usage

The Comptroller General of the Republic concluded  a study to determine the status of the nation’s radio spectrum, which is owned by the State. The study took 9 months.

This is the space through which electromagnetic waves propagate, used by TV companies, radio, cellular, internet and location among others.

The study assessed the work of MINATE and SUTEL in the management of this resource, but both obtained not very good note.

The comptroller entity in summary it revealed a disorder that prevailed in the subject in the last 60 years.

Corrective measures should be applied, so that the Comptroller demands in a period of three months an action plan as both MINAET SUTEL.

Within six months, the MICIT shall manage the telecommunications area, for this reason will have to finish the work begun by the ministry of Environment.

The latter told him that the Comptroller considers a period of at least seven years to organize the management of spectrum.

The Comptroller said that the main difficulty is located in the resources needed to carry out the work.

Besides regulation, other aspects such as payment for the right operating frequency and accumulation of these will be reviewed in the audit process.