Comptroller Authorizes ¢3 Billion For Operating Rooms

The Comptroller General of the Republic approved a new budget for the renovation of the 15 operating rooms of St. John of God Hospital, passing 3 billion colones and $7 million for the project simultaneously.

The budget increase request was made by the Social Security be allowed after the deadline and promote building codes that limited the declaration of cultural heritage of the building.

Within a period of 12 months, you must do the work one year in arrears and whose last date of construction was scheduled for January 13, 2012.

Marco Vinicio Alvarado, Recruitment Manager of the Comptroller estimated that the deterioration of the building led to the urgency of approving the budget.

The Ministry of Health issued orders to health over the course of 4 months will close all 15 operating rooms and apply contingency plans as the use of external operating rooms.

At this time the hospital waiting list is 14 thousand people, which increases to lose more than a thousand surgeries a month for lack of operating rooms.

At first the work had a budget of two billion colones and should be ready by April 2012.

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