Commercial Production Companies Look to Reduce Energy Costs

The biggest waste from energy companies are proving to be from the production process.

This was confirmed by the General Manager of Engineering Consultants and Energy (CIRE), Luis Fernando Chanto Jarquin.

“With only control for the use of the energy functional equipment the company will reduce the electricity bill by 15% and if the owners make certain investments they may reach 20%,” he said.

According to Chanto, companies have to differentiate between energy management, which involves long-term actions, and energy efficiency technologies involving motors, lighting and motion sensors, among others.

This assessment is shared by the energy and environment adviser of the Chamber of Industries of Costa Rica, Agustin Rodriguez, who said that without further investment the company can save a lot.

“The goal is to study the use of natural light in the areas of process and put sensors on and off in bathrooms, and try to keep the air conditioning at a temperature of 23°C.” he added.

According to the CIRE manager for small and medium businesses is difficult to reduce energy consumption and therefore requires training.

“They have to make a double effort (SMEs), to analyze what type of rate (power), and have to review their machines.

They may seek alternative technologies that can improve energy efficiency.” he said.

The expert recognizes that the ISO 5001 standard itself does not specify the size of the company, but is universally applicable.

Andrew Villalobos, Corporate Environmental Coordinator of Holcim cement company, said that the energy audit process allowed them to produce great achievements in the plant and improve efficiency in the thermal and electrical consumption.

“We invested in the energy system team who are dedicated to energy management. We reduce kilowatt consumption to 10% from 2007 to 2011.” Villalobos said.

“It also increased the volume of waste used for energy by replacing the 20% thermal, avoiding fossil fuel consumption and emission close to the 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year,” he said.

Gerardo Miranda, Florida Environmental Manager Beverages, explained that they are using steam in their production processes and develop a project of biodiesel for the fleet.

He added that made the entire fleet of forklifts to operate on LPG.

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