Coffee Heists in the Millions Now

The criminals who stole loads of coffee in recent weeks suffered their first stroke by the authorities.

Authorities have recovered a cargo that was stolen Thursday in Orosi and valued at $200,000.

The cellar where it was found, was rented for two months at a watering family in Rio Cachi, Cartago.

They located the shipment then in the afternoon on Friday they raided the premises.

The truck carrying the cargo of 410 bags of coffee was located in Siquirres.

A group of armed bandits intercepted the truck and the driver was left in Sabanana plantation in Guácimo Jimenez.

He had to walk more than two hours to reach a village where he asked help.

While his assistant left him in Zetillal de Goicoechea.

During the early morning the authorities arrested a man but he was released hours later.

For residents of Rio what happened on Friday came as a surprise.

In just this year, criminals have stolen 11 trucks loaded with coffee for export,including two that were brought from Nicaragua to Moin.

The amount of losses is estimated at one million dollars.

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