Cocaine Plane That Crashed Begins Trial

Monday morning the trial began in the case of a crashed plane in Pavas in October 2010 with 173 kilos of cocaine.

The first to testify was Ruben Martinez Trujillo, owner and pilot of the plane, who defended in the courts of Pavas-Hatillo, the legality of their work.

Martinez, who was questioned only by his own lawyer, said aviation draws attention for drug trafficking, and although it has been offered to him to do, he has always worked honestly.

Regarding the management of capital and financing your business, adding that all the money comes from the purchase and sale of aircraft.

Martinez is accused along with fellow worker, Elvis Mendoza Rivera, and a Guatemalan Otto Monsoon Cid, after that in October 2010 a plane carrying 173 kg of cocaine crashed on the Rio Torres, minutes after taking off from Tobias Bolanos Airport.

Otto Monzon, son of the Guatemalan accused, died a few days after the plane crash.

The questioning of the other defendants continue this week.

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